CARPE DIEM Temporary work
Fair and attractive

Within the context of temporary work, CARPE DIEM GmbH as an experienced recruitment agency offers you numerous opportunities to realise your professional potential through diverse activities in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Companies often require employees (f/m) for temporary assignments such as maternity leave replacements, covering production peaks or project-related support. If you want to gain a lot of experience within a short period of time and work flexibly, temporary work fits you perfectly.

Whether you are a young professional or returning to your career, temporary work (temporary staffing) offers you a variety of professional opportunities. Both employees who have completed a vocational training and university graduates benefit from these advantages.

As an employee (f/m) of CARPE DIEM GmbH, you usually receive a fixed, permanent employment contract. You are then used as a CARPE DIEM employee with our clients.

Following the termination of your assignment with the client, your personal CARPE DIEM contact, the HR Consultant who is responsible for you, provides you with a new, tailored assignment with one of our clients.

The triangular relationship:

Employee (f/m):

You are permanently employed by CARPE DIEM GmbH, but carry out your work on the client’s premises. You receive the employment contract from CARPE DIEM.


Your wage/salary is paid by CARPE DIEM GmbH and your employment relationship is handled through us (annual leave, sick leave, etc.)

Hirer (Client):

Your workplace is on the premises of our clients in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands. On these premises, you report directly to a superior who  introduces you to your job. As part of this process, you receive an assignment instruction from CARPE DIEM GmbH together with the employment contract that contains detailed information about your assignment.